• 15th July'16 - BVPS ART COLLECTIVE
    Dear Parents
       “Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.” -Pablo Picasso
    The painter, onlooker, spectator, scribbler, poet, story teller…….everyone is invited.


    Last year’s art show at the annual function was a great success. We showcased close to 30 young artists. Surely, there was some work that must have caught your attention. It took us a few months to put it all together. And something happened in the process. Something had changed in our students from where we had started. They felt encouraged, appreciated in a way like never before. They felt confident, better and maybe even happier. It set us on an idea to expand. Why just a theme based art show, we asked ourselves.

    Did you know that art has the capability to heal a broken heart, a stressed mind, a tired body or even make you feel younger at heart? It is FUN.

    So we set out to put together BVPS ART COLLECTIVE. We are not necessarily looking for an award winning painting. We are looking for anyone; teacher, student, support staff, anyone from your family who would want to experiment with how art can heal. Anyone who would like to have some fun, anyone who would like to dip their fingers in a bit of colour is welcome.

    So, it doesn’t matter if you have never held an art brush in your hand. It doesn’t matter if you have tried forever to draw something and it has never worked out……

    We believe, art is about expression and not perfection. That is what we aim to achieve with BVPS ART COLLECTIVE. We are trying to put together a series of expressions across mediums. Trying to open up a new world. Register your name with Ms Neha Hooda during school hours.


  • 15th July'16 - Camel Art Contest :Class KG-XII
    Dear Parents
    A Drawing Competition is being organized by Camel Art Contest on 19th August2016 for Classes KG –XI and for class XII on 21st July2016.
    Topics :
    Group A Class KG : My Toys
    Group B Class I-II: Favourite Park
    Group C Class III-IV: My Hobbies
    Group D Class V- VI: City Traffic
    Group E  Class VII-IX : Dream Art Room
    Group F Class X-XII: The World in my eyes
    Time - 1½ hour,       Medium –Any,       Size – A3  White Sheet
    * It is compulsory for all from classes KG to V & Art students from classes VI to XII and optional for other students.
    * Students of classes III onwards have to bring their own material.
    * Cutting, Pasting, Sparkle not allowed.
    * Everything to be done in the school otherwise entry will be disqualified.
    Note: Interested students should give their names to their respective Class Teacher.
    * Class teachers should submit the lists of participants to Simmi Sikand, Ravinder Kour or Divya Bajaj by 18 th July 2016 (Class XII) and classes VI –XI by 13 th August 2016 positively.

  • 5th July'16 - EID & Painting Notice : Class Pre Nur- XII
    Dear Parents

    Class Pre Nur-XII :There may be a possibility that Eid may be on 6th July 2016 instead of 7th July 2016 as printed in the diary.
    We request you to watch the news tonight. In case Eid is declared tomorrow then instead of 7th July 2016, 6th July will be a holiday and 7th July will be working day .

    Class KG-XII : Painting Competition which was scheduled on 6 th July2016, has been postponed till further notice. .
  • 20th May'16 - Summer Break : Class IX-XII
    Dear Parents

    As per the order issued by the Director Secondary Education, Haryana, the school will close for Summer break from 23rd May 2016 i.e Monday due to intense heat wave. To check the details of the order issued by the Director Secondary Education, Haryana, please (Click here) .
  • 05th May'16 - Class P Nur-XII
    Dear Parents

    This is to inform you that Haryana United Schools Association and other School Unions unanimously decided to close down the schools & go on strike against Rule 134-A & other issues from 6th May’16 till further notice. To check the details pertaining to 134-A Act, please (Click here) .
  • 26th APRIL'16 - Bal Vikas Progressive School
    Dear Parents

    We sadly share the news of the sudden demise of our class XII owing to an accident on a two wheeler which has resulted in a fatal head injury. We request you to think about the seriousness of the matter driving/riding of vehicles a) without a license , b) without a helmet (in case of two-wheelers).We are very concerned about the safety of our children on road , hence we request you once again to ensure that your ward does not ride a two wheeler without a helmet. .
    Vasundhara Nath
    Dear Parents

    To check the CBSE Circular of important guidelines for School Mission , please (Click here) .
  • 6 th April'16 : Class I-X
    Dear Parents

    Portfolio is a collection of student’s work over a period of time, it helps the student to demonstrate to others , his/her learning progress.

    Documents that can be added in a portfolio

    1. Picture/photographs of participation in role plays and other classroom activities.
    2. Records of life skills activities such a worksheets (e.g. Self Assessment Sheets).
    3. Evidence of Art work (e.g. painting and other examples of artistic endeavour).
    4. Audio-Video Recordings.
    5. Evidence/photographs of Bulletin Board , Poster , Morning Assemblies , all the activities etc.

    6. Best scholastic work of the child form beginning to the end of the term.
    7. Participation certificates/evidence of scholastic and co-scholastic activities.
    8. Evidence of team work in Physical Education.
    9. Anecdotal records.
    10. Written Report of activity duly signed by teacher incharge can be attached.
    11. Written Report of activity duly signed by teacher incharge can be attached.
    12. Documents/Photographs can be original or photocopies.
    13. File Type : Simple Brown File covered with Pastel Dark Blue sheet (USE thread for filing papers).
         File Size : 14 inch x 10 inch.
         10 Plastic Flaps for maintaining record of photographs.


  • 4 th April'16 : Class IX
    Dear Parents
    Class VI-VIII: Parents Orientation Programme will be on 9th April 2016 from 10:00 am - 11:00 am. This is compulsory for parents.

    Class IX: Parents Orientation Programme will be on 9th April 2016 from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. This is compulsory for parents.