• 12.04.17 -Classes P Nur - XII
    Dear Parents
    There will be a holiday on 13th & 14th April 2017 on account of Baisakhi and Ambedkar Jayanti. Saturday is a non working day.
  • 08.04.17 -Acitivities of April2017
    Dear Parents
    Date Sports Activities Class Date  Activities Class
    10th  Apr'17 (M) Kho-Kho Trials  IV - V 11th  Apr'17 (T) Colouring P Nur-KG
    11th  Apr'17 (T) Football Trials  VI - VIII   12th  Apr'17 (W) English Calligraphy III-X
    19th Apr'17 (W) Kho-Kho Trials (B&G) VI-VIII 18th  Apr'17 (T) Hindi Calligraphy  III-X
    20th Apr'17 (Th) Football Trials IX-XII 19th Apr'17 (W) Mother's Day Card  P Nur-II
    21st  Apr'17 (F) Basketball Trials (B&G) IX-XII 20th Apr'17 (Th) Tearing & Pasting   P Nur-KG
    24th Apr'17 (M) Football Trials IV-V 20th  Apr'17 (W) Show n Tell  IV
    25th Apr'17(T) Taekwondo Trials  (B&G) IV-V 21st  Apr'17 (F) Talent Hunt  II
    26th Apr'17(W) Basketball Trails (B&G) VI-VIII 24th Apr'17 (M) English Story Telling  V
    27th Apr'17(Th) Kho-Kho Trials IX-XII 25th Apr'17(T) Fancy Dress Competition Nur-KG 
    28th  Apr'17 (F) Ball Badminton Trials (B&G) IX-XII 26th Apr'17(W) Hindi Calligraphy  II
    28th  Apr'17 (F) English Calligraphy II
    Date Celebration Class Date Assembly  
    12th  Apr'17 (W)  Baisakhi XII   6th Apr'17 (Th) Talk on World Health Day  
          11th Apr'17 (T) Talk on Ambedkar Jayanti & Baisakhi   
          18th Apr'17 (T) Talk on World Heritage Day  
          20th Apr'17 (Th) Talk on Earth Day & Shakespere  
          27th Apr'17 (Th) Talk on Labour Day  
  • 28.03.17 -Regarding Transport Facility
    Dear Parents
    This is to inform you that recently some private travel companies are promising to give transport facilities to the students of Bal Vikas and Bal Vikas Progressive School by giving advertisements in newspapers.
    Please note that these travel transport companies are not authorized by the school, therefore the school is not responsible for the safety of the students if any problem or mishap happens during the travel time if they avail these unauthorized private transport facilities.
    The School is fully responsible for the safety of students who travel by school official transport buses. Full safety is ensured during the travel period as the teachers/female attendants are assigned to look after the safety of the students including safe pick and drop of students.

    For any query regarding transport, please contact Mrs Raj Batra at 9416012268.