• 25.04.18 -For Classes IX-XII : Inter House English Declamation Competition
    Dear Parents
    Inter House English Declamation Competition will be on 27th April 2018.
    Class IX- Print Media or News Channel, which is better.
    Class X – The Dangers of Credit Card.
    Class XI – The changing Face of Modern Family
    Class XII – Study Strategies
  • 18.04.18 -For Classes Pre Nursery-II : Earth Day Celebration
    Dear Parents

    Class P Nur to KG :  Earth Day Celebration  on 20.04.18
    • All children will wear green outfits
    • Bring Green fruits
    Class I-II: There is a Clay Moulding Competition to celebrate Earth Day on 20.4.2018. Theme: Nature
    • All children will wear green outfits
    • Bring Green fruits
  • 18.04.18 -For Class II : FRESH FACE TALENT HUNT
    Dear Parents
    Children can showcase their Talent by participating in any one of the given activities:
    • Dance / Singing / Playing any instrument
    • Time allotment: 1 min - 1:30 mins per child. Please adhere to this.
    • Edited song for dance to be sent in pen drive by 20th April’18
    Judgment Criteria:
    • Dance will be judged on the basis of confidence / costume / stage coverage
    • Singing will be judged on the basis of  confidence / Presentation / voice Modulation
    • Playing Instruments will be judged on clarity / confidence/rhythm

  • 18.04.18 -For Classes Pre Nursery-II : Parents Day Celebration
    Dear Parents
    On : 28.04.18                         Timings  : 9 am to 10:30 am
    Join us and participate in any one of the activity:
    • Cooking a dish without fire :
    Presentation will be given extra  credit
    • Painting or sketching using any medium
    Size : A3 sheet  Theme : Any of your choice
    • Badminton Friendly Match
    Please note:
    • No cutting & pasting allowed in painting
    • Participants will get their own material accordingly.
    • Time : 1hr 30 mins
    • Please send your confirmation by 23rd April’18
    • There are prizes for Cooking without fire, Painting or Sketching 
    Venue :
    1. For Painting Or Sketching              :               Class XII A
    2. Cooking without fire                       :               Bio lab
    3. Badminton Friendly Match           :               Badminton Hall (Gum Shoes compulsory)
                               PARTICIPATION SLIP
    1. Student’s Name :________________Class :_______
    2. Mother’s Name :______________________________
    3. Father’s Name : ______________________________
    4. Activities (tick any one) :
    Painting or Sketching   /    Cooking without fire   /    Badminton Friendly Match

  • 17.04.18 -For Classes Pre Nursery-X : Measles-Rubella Vaccination
    Dear Parents

    Measles-Rubella Vaccination will be given to students up to class X on 01.05.2018. Ensures your ward is present in school on 01.05.2018. For details please Click here CBSE Circular 1 and Circular 2

  • 27.03.18 -For Classes Pre Nursery-XII
    Dear Parents

    1.This is to inform you that w.e.f. 01/07/2018 manual fee slips given in March’18 will be discontinued.
    2.Fee will be accepted by HDFC bank through
    1. Net banking
    2. Through cheque with online challan
    3.If cheque is deposited with bank slip it may be returned at your risk.